The Responsibility You Have Giving a Personal Prophecy – Prophetic Words

There is an expense to doing personal prophecy for other individuals and there is a period of arrangement that you have to take to be in the Spirit to do a prophetic word. You have an obligation to the individuals you pastor to, to be in the correct attitude when you prediction to them. Doing personal prophecy is a genuine business and ought not be dealt with calmly. individuals put a great deal of confidence in a their prophetic words that they get and here and there it is ideal to ensure each word you express is originating from God and not your own substance.


  • I tell individuals when I do online prophecy to check their prophetic word with a minister. It bodes well for an individual to have a prophecy checked by somebody with profound development so request personal Prophecy it very well may be tried.
  • Numerous individuals skilled in personal prophecy are in a condition of developing thus hence they ought to have their prophetic words registered and taken with thought before they are depended upon like the Bible can be.
  • It is significant as an individual that clergymen in the prophetic to ensure you have set aside adequate effort to be “In the Spirit” before you talk or compose a prophecy. Such a large number of individuals rely upon personal predictions thus it is basic that the prophet is correct when they express the word of the Lord.
  • On our site I have my prophets duplicate a duplicate of every one of their predictions to me so they are responsible. I suggest all individuals be responsible God likes to favor His kin and one excellent route is through personal prophecy.
  • Each individual ought to have the option to do personal prophecy, one who has the Holy Spirit that is. So for what reason would God pick you to do personal prophecy?


On the off chance that you were in India and each town you came to had elderly individuals with malignant growth but then one town you came to had no individuals biting the dust of disease, you may pose inquiries. Assume that you found in this town they made as tea out of a specific plant and when you did examinations concerning the plant you discovered its leaves executed malignancy cells. Wouldn’t you ensure the world got some answers concerning this plant. You would not require cash for it however simply observing the world spared from malignant growth would be sufficient. Doing a prophecy and the capacity to do it for other individuals is much the same as that remedy for malignancy.


Imagine a scenario where you had the option to approach any individual and give them a personal message off God for the time in their life that they need it. Personal prophecy is that personal message customized for every individual out there that necessities to get notification from the living God. For what reason would God pick you, since you are an individual that likes to help and favor individuals whenever that you can.

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